Preferences: Download and Recording

From the Menu bar, select Tools > Preferences: Download & Recording.

Use these commands to set preferences associated with the Web Download and Recording feature and streaming media recording:




Save Files to:


By default, the Web Download & Recording feature saves videos to My Library under "Downloads & Recordings." To save downloaded videos to another location on your computer, use the Browse... function to select a different location.

Enable Web Download & Recording...


(Default: On) To disable the Web Download & Recording feature, deselect the checkbox. Afterward, the "Download this Video" button will not automatically appear while you watch online videos.

To turn this feature back on, select the checkbox.

The supported browsers on your computer are listed here. Any change will not take effect until you restart your web browser.

Specify the "Download this Video" button's behavior


With Web Download & Recording enabled, select how long you want the "Download this Video" button to appear whenever you watch a video:

  • On page load... For [x] seconds when the page loads. Enter 1-99 seconds. (Default: 7 seconds.)
  • Only on... Only when you mouse-over the video Display area.
  • Don't show... Don't show the button at all. The button's download function instead will be available only when you right-click on the video Display area.

Advanced Settings


Opens a dialog with more settings. See Advanced Settings, below, for details.

Advanced Settings




Video Transcoding


Set the quality and time limit for recordings:

  • Select the default recording time for live webcasts. Options are 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours. (Default: 4 hours.)
  • Adjust the conversion (transcoding) quality of videos you download. Some videos require conversion when recording. Move the slider to choose Best Performance, Highest Detail, or a balance of the two. The Highest Detail setting requires more computing power. Choose Best Performance for best results when you have an older computer or are recording high bitrate content with a large image size.