Toolbar Menu

This menu is only available when RealPlayer is in Toolbar Mode. You can find it under on the Player Control toolbar.

Menu Option




Plays a RealPlayer compatible file. Either type the URL (internet address) of any streamed media file (for example: .rm, .ra, or .ram) into the Open Location text box, or click Browse and select a media file from the folders you can access from your computer.


Opens File menu.


Opens View menu.


Opens Play menu.


Open Favorites menu.


Opens Tools menu.


Opens Help menu.

Normal Mode

RealPlayer is displayed as a window on the Desktop. (Default)

Toolbar Mode

RealPlayer controls are displayed as a Toolbar at the bottom of the screen. When clips with video or Visualization images are played, they are displayed in a detached presentation window. If the Media Browser is open, it is also displayed as a detached window. (See Toolbar Mode for details.)

Theater Mode

RealPlayer controls appear as a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The desktop is replaced with a black background. Video images are shown in the center of the screen.

Note: Theater Mode does not alter the contents of the desktop, only their appearance while in this mode.

Original Size

Resizes the video image to 100% of video content's original size.

Double Size

Resizes the video image to 200% of the original size.

Full Screen Theater

Hides all controls and enlarges the video image to fill the computer screen. (Press [ESC] on your keyboard to exit this mode.)


Opens the Preferences window. View and modify your RealPlayer preferences.

AutoHide Toolbar

Select to activate or deactivate. When active, the RealPlayer Toolbar will scroll off screen (hide) until you drag the cursor to the bottom of the screen to reveal it.


Closes RealPlayer.

Note: The indicates a submenu.